Tuesday, June 15, 2010


hehe.......im back!! went to a 6 days camp last week.
the camp is AWESOME!!! REGRET is a NEVER for me~!!
it really helps me a lot. The camp located at Methodist Centennial Park. A nice place for resting.

I really need to have intimacy with God. and I will do my very best!!

Photos time.
woke up 5.30 in the morning and have the opportunity to observe the sunrise ~~ ^^  the breeze is just so wonderful and i feel like i want to stay there.
this is the photo taken after 3 to 5 min..

another 3 mins.

and another 2 mins i think.

less than 2 mins then the color of the sky is just....beautiful.

 the view of the cross that Christ died and rise for us.


and this is taken at 6.30 something...haha....had a great devotion time...

hehe. and off i went for my breakfast~~

and this is Jill and Matt...a lovely couple~~ they are just so sweet~~ no wonder so many gals wanna marry A Mo lang...just look and observe the way how they treat their spouse...

=( well i look into the other camera and spoiled the whole pic...
and there were Norival and his wife Christina~~~kekeke...her name is same as mine~~~but I didn't have the photos of them right now and the photos of my cute funny roommates and friends that I met in there..
waiting for the cameraman to upload the photos~~~
and there were other photos which we can't put on the internet..

Conclusion is....I HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!
This is the best camp ever!!! and i had learned lots and lots of things!!


  1. Whoa~ Xixi, u have blogs??!!! I mean u write blogs ~!!! hahahha...

  2. == celeste why you so suprise?? lol
    eve, yea, God's creation is wonderful.