Thursday, January 13, 2011


 XD i know it had been almost a month since my birthday
but i just dun have enough time to post tis kinda long post... 20th birthday was GREAT!! ^^
with my friends and family around...
Dear michelle, janet, tina, wen chuan and his girl, benjamin -------
a big THANK YOU to you all my frens~ they held a birthday celebration for me...
erm it was at Secret Garden...Photos time~taken by michelle and tina~
the reserved seat
some of the foods

so this was my piece of Birthday cake~

all of us
well i was shocked by this cake and the BIG cracker candles...its lovely~

and the video taken by Tina dear~~

haha anyway its really happy to be with your friends on your birthday....
oh and not to forget the another 3~~
Thank you for Terrence's breakfast,
and Thank you for Tia's and Alvin's lunch~!!
was happy because of you guys~!!
and also my dear brother...hahah he presented me a nail polish....haha wat a cute color he choose..
well tats all...goodnitezz~

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