Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life is Precious

2 patients collapsed right in front of me this morning.
Doctors rushed in, emergency trolley rush in, CPR was given continously, resuscitation was given, ampulesss of adrenaline and atropine sulphate was given. But at last they went to sleep forever.
Did the last office for them though.

Life is fragile. Life can be easily threaten. It can only rely on some machine when the time is near.

To be honest, I am really scare.
I know where those two patients are. Its either Hell or Heaven.
Both of them were muslim and you know where they are too.
I felt really bad for them when the ventilator was beeping insanely and doctors are trying their best and the relatives are crying and worrying and mumuring their bible...

Our ife-span is 70, those  who are strong can live to 80.
Those 2 were just 50++...It made me wonder how long I can live.
What achievement will I had when I pass-out?
Did I done something that made God proud of and happy?
Am I an inspiration for others? Is my life a good testimony?

just pray that I can continue to follow His path where ever He leads me and where ever I go...
and be His disciple throughout my life and honour His name. Be strong.

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