Thursday, April 29, 2010


I will be having my SAT test the day after tomorrow and still I'm here blogging. =(
Had a tired day today..Travelling by bus was AWFUL. It hurts my butts..XD
And there's one thing I wanna complain about.
Everyone knows that travelling from Sibu to Kuching by bus needs at least 7 hours.
And there she or he is,( I don't know the gender coz I don't dare to look behind), squirting the perfumes over and over again.I think it repeats every hour.
I'm allergic to those malay and ibans's perfume. It it NOT a PERFUME!!!It makes me SICK!!!!!! I just can't stand those smell although I know it probably smells good to those malays and ibans..
** I am not criticizing those people.** I just can't take the smell anymore..Bus is a close environment and squirting perfume every half an hour makes me wanna vomit, plus on that the perfume is not smellable...GOsh...I nearly fainted...

But, Thanks God that I arrived safely. Thanks God nothing BIG happened during my journey.
And Thanks to my dear FREN XIAO JUN too~~for helping me to buy the bus ticket...I know it troubles her~~~so a big THANK YOU to you~~~

SAT is hard.Not the mathematics part. Is the English part.GOSH..Never in my life I read so many new wordss~~My vocab is always poor and this test is driving me crazy~~but still I am here...I just don't have the spirit to learn something right now...

I heard some bad news tonight...Those news makes me ignorant...Wondering whats God planned for my future...I just want some hints...I don't want to be lost...Oh Lord Father I need you...and right now I am feeling so far from You are not beside me..How?

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