Thursday, August 12, 2010

an niong.

=) I still remember the moments we had.
Despite the time we had, we tends to be very "superficial". yeah we do talk our heart sometimes..but just sometimes...
Not that I don't want to go deeper, is u who tends to pull me back.
I can't remember the first time we met.
But as time goes by, I got to know you better.
and I can tell, you are the one am looking for...
Your personality impressed me. you are mature than the others.
and you are spiritually growing.
You are not handsome, but you are charming and smart looking.
You are the one who can give me the comfort I want and when I was with you, I felt secured.
You are a family lover. which I found super duper nice. and happy to be with u.
You are Friendly but not Flirty. Naughty but not Annoying. Cute but not Childish.Funny but not Freaking.
You are surrounded by ppl whom our parents known as "bad frens" but you won't even be influenced by them and yet you are the one who influenced them.
I tend to imagine a picture of happy family after we get to know each other well enough...i mean its really amazing, that I will start to imaging something like tat....and its super amazing that I would wrote it down here.
you have stayed in my heart for a few years..oh of course without asking ur permission..
but waiting for an unknown and unsecured result is just so horrifying for me.
you know very well that Im not the kind that would make the first move..and I know you wouldn't too...
oh maybe u did, but I was too stupid and too childish to know that it is.
=) maybe its time for me to open up my eyes and have a look of people around me.
and maybe now is not the suitable time for us. or maybe we are just not suitable.
well, i will continue to keep u in the lil corner of my heart..until I met my true love and if its not u, then i will clear it up...but you were always be one of my sweet  memory...=)

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