Saturday, September 11, 2010


I really don't know why but I just love it.
Most of my friends will think im weird. lolx.
I mean in the music point of view.
ahahahhaha i love JAZZ more than nowadays songs.
the songs in my phone is mostly those 60s and 70s songs.
as wat they said, the" black and white song" hmm
i don't care~~I just loved it~!!! and listening to it just make me feels alive.
Most of my friends love those erm Hip hops music?? those noisy music perhaps I should say~Do pardon me.
For instance, I went to watch Step Up 3D with ma friends. and a part of it which Moose and Camille dance just IMPRESSED me ALOT~!!!!!!!!!!!  i mean I almost got up from the chair and wanna dance too~~ = =
forgive me. but my friend said," huh? tat part? why you like tat part?? " then i said i like the background song and the way Adam moved just make me soooooooooo sooooo sooooo impressed. I mean, he really is a good dancer. He can moves with the music. ( if you got wat i mean).
 then my friend said, oh you are an old woman. LOL~
Different ppl love different music. I knew. haha
Butm STEP UP 3 is AWeSOME~!!! i mean really worth it...and I encourage you to watch in 3D~its better~~!!! all of those dances were incredible~!! AWESOME~!!
OK~!! now present you the song im addicted with recently~oh and the "Moose and Camille" dance~~lol i spent quite long time for this. cuz just a few clips for this part. and the song too. I downloaded the whole mp3 soundtrack of Step Up 3 just for this song and guess wat. There is NONE OF IT!!! gosh they didnt put it in??? I was so upset. but FINALLY, I FOUND IT~!!!! Tada

so this is the song im addicted with~!!I won't DANCE

and this is adam and alyson in Step Up 3. love'em.~!!

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