Wednesday, July 27, 2011


are vulnerable. unless there's God as your foundation.
I don't really trust in relationship.
The " Happily ever after" in the movie is like hallucination..*effects of ketamine. XD
Couples like my father and mother are no longer available. 
While my frens are struggling in the relationship they are going through, in a hard way, I don't think being in a relationship is as good as people said.
Some may be forcing themselves to look great while other people are around them but in fact, they are just like strangers to one another. or maybe worse than strangers.
Just see the statistics of nowadays divorce's rate. The rate of divorcing is equal or higher than the rate of marrying.
Whats for you guys marry if you will be divorcing anyway.
and stuffing food until you broke into tears isn't a good way to relief anger. it makes the ppl around you worried.
well, maybe i don't understand the feeling of trying so hard to being in a relationship.

Urgh and what am I doing here while I suppose to be with my books and notes~~..

Sem 3...long way to go.

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  1. Hey xixi, I used to also think that couples like our parents or from their era no longer exist. But when you meet the person that's meant for you, everything just falls into place. Rather than struggle, you'd find comfort.