Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alone in Crowd.

Came to the airport 7 hours earlier before my flight.
First experience to stay overnight in the airport.
Thought McD will have the seat I want, but end up no.
Went Starbucks then. Sarcastically, just after half an hour I sat there,enjoying my green tea flow, the waiter came and said: " Starbucks is closing at 1.30am.." what?? no choice. back to McD.
Sitting together with bunch of people I don't know, speaking Foochow happily like they are the only Foochows in M'sia. * laugh stock of the day.

Now here I am, wondering why people rushing their time. For what very reason  they live their lives.
Saw lots of the passengers wearing or carrying Burberry, LV, Salvator.F, Gucci.......
We are born to earth, developing, studying, working, marrying, reproducing, ageing, Die.

Why do we want to go for those branded goods??

Was thinking, am I being too materialistic??
thought about the money I spent in the past few days.
Some people work very hard just to get this amount of money to pay their fees or loan.
but I just spent it on something I want.
and I tend to go for branded goods. *not those Salvator or Gucci yet of course.
Does it really worth it??
People bought a dress with 15 but I need to bought it with 150. Some will even bought it with 1500.
I can't imagine myself wearing a RM15 dress walking along the street.
I don't know, I just can't help it. I will feel like some parts of me is very wrong.

they said money is never enough.
Earning money is not tough. but saving money is tough.
Its true. We use 200 bucks perfume when our salary is 2000 bucks.
but we will be using 2000 bucks perfume when our salary is 20000 bucks.
Its the same isn't it? We will go for those higher.
Sigh....Life is never simple.
No idea now.
Boarding time soon. till then.

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