Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus.

It brings tears to my eyes. It really do.
As I told you.
Christmas isn't about Santa Claus. It isn't about jingle bells.
It isn't about those snowman, isn't about those blinking lights.
It isn't about those little red dress and isn't about the christmas tree.

Its all about Jesus Christ. Our Savior.
Christmas is the day of remembrance that Jesus Christ came down to earth.
Its Jesus Birthday. Not Santa giving present. Not Jingle bell rings and rocks.

The only present on Christmas is Jesus.
He is the best gift in Christmas. and the best gift in our life.

So if you don't about Jesus, let me tell you.
He is the son of our God Almighty.
He suppose to be high up in the heaven with our Heavenly Father.
But He came down to earth just to save us. Just to save me and you, these awful sinners.
Yes I am a sinner. and a sinner CANNOT go into Heaven. NO. You cannot.
But God loves us. He sent his only son down to earth and DIE on the cross to cleanse all our sins.
By that, we can enter heaven and be with our God, our King, our Heavenly Father.
The blood of Jesus Christ save us.
We suppose to be in Hell,with Satan.
But Jesus trades us with his life. He died on the cross. His blood cleanse our sins.
All you need to do is just say "Yes " to Jesus and ask him to enter your life and cleanse all your sins.
He WILL FORGIVE you. He is a loving God.
So now, Heaven or Hell?? Its your choice.
I have made my choice. I want Jesus in my life.

Lastly i want to say,
Thank you Jesus. Jesus I Love You.

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