Tuesday, December 14, 2010


somehow it means time for relax, enjoy and SHOPPING~~!!! huhuhuhuhuhhuhu XD
hmm so me and my fren went JOGOYA  to like celebrate our "Finish Exam"...
hmm it was a HAPPY GATHERING!!!!
and I seriously need to budget myself in shopping.
I was spending like HELL today. OMG!!!!!! >.< satisfied though.

Photo speaks.
this is starhill gallery. like the deco of the roof.

something tat we took.


me and my dear wei wei~

and this is our Mr. Lobster. only VIP member can have that. hahaha .credits to the card holder.

pardon me. haha.

nice one.

Da He Zao

and this is my dear IDA POOO~~~*eyes closed?

yay!!my "Flight of Fancy". smells good.

bought two. this is "Secret Wish".

ohya...and my new look.
curled my hair. just a lil bit. >.< look older...or mature?? hahahha..


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