Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Endding

This morning was a tiring morning..Ugh...need to wake up so early in the morning but unfortunately I can't sleep well last nigh so I overslept this home is the nearest to the church but yet I AM LATE!!!!! Gosh it was so embarrassing..everybody watched me came in LATE!!!Sorry ~~~ I didnt' did it purposely.....but this morning's service was surely a very successful service.

Oh and I finally watched my Ip Man 2 today!!!!!!! I know I was a lil bit slow but nvm, long story...not gonna talk about those sad story.... =(  .but Ip Man is so so so so MAN.and I'm looking forward for next Mon and Tue...I'm gonna watch ROBIN HOOD~

Well, yesterday was the last day I work in DAP. Its actually not bad. Although sometimes there are some unhappy incidences like, computer was being rampas by others , electricity shock. But still okay la..At least I learned many new things and experience new things.hehe..And the most important issue!!! I earn 240 in just 8 days, with laptop provided, one cell-phone provided, some "extra income" provided *Sshhhh and Wifi provided ~~and I still can facebooking and blogging at there..*wink*

So this is the cell phone provided for us to call to the voters~~~I know it looks not so nice but don't look down this cellphone ho~~it has a very special feature !!!!

Naaa show you the special feature~~~SEEeee,Got torch light eh.
~~~It says "Switch on the Torch Light"

 Naaa~~~Really got light ho~

 Switch it off again~~
hehe cute right... = =...aiya i know this is very bored la haizz~~just wanna show you guys the phone we use this few days...DAP so poor...cannot afford better phone for us..

I really worked hard in there hoo~~I made many phone calls and get scolded by some people in the phone too..but Still!!! I'm very very lucky...The phone calls I make was basically very successful. Out of so many calls, I only get less than 10 scolded phone calls. On the other hand, other people only get less than 10 nice phone calls...hahaha...They all get scolded by those people in the phone..wahahaha...Im so lucky~~hehe.maybe my voice is more cute~~and I'm very polite when I spoke and I delighted many people~~~ >.<

But the only thing I'm now sad about is  I HAVEN GET MY PAYCHECK!!!! Oh please give me my money~~~ Money money come to mummy~~~ T.T...I need money to spend during my KL trip eh~

Hm...I felt happy during my 8 days experience too~ Me and jun go lunch with Caroline and Irene everyday~~hehe..They are very nice and cute~~Oh yeah and Vic too~~hehe..
Well that's all for today~

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