Sunday, May 23, 2010


I wasted all my hard earned money. sad.
Sometimes I would think... Whats the point of all the shopping and the buying?

Do all the shopping and buying really bring happiness.. ? I doubt.
Well, they did. but it just last for a period of time.
Its temporary. And what people need, want and look for is Permanent Happiness.
But the real and the permanent happiness is with God.

I experienced quite a lot of things in my alone flying trip to Kuala Lumpur.
It's the first time I traveled alone to KL. and I actually quite enjoy my lonely flying trip.
It gives me spaces to think and to feel.

But when it comes to shopping, I really hope my friend were there. 
She has much better ability in shopping. and she is really GOOD at it.

Well, this is what I felt for the past few days.

Money is important.
Once one said, money can't buy you everything, but without money, you can't buy anything.
If we were the wealthy,
We can buy all the branded goods.
We can try all the different variety of foods around the world without hesitation.
We can walk in a store without worrying there are not enough money.
We can drive any car we like.
Money can't do many things. Money talks. Money woos

But we shouldn't put money as the first prior.
There are something much more important than money.
Faith. Family. Friends. Relationship.

With money,
We can buy all the WATCHes we want,     But we not the TIME.
We can buy all the BOOKs we need,          But not KNOWLEDGE.
We can buy all the HOUSEs we desired,     But not a HOME.
We can buy all the nice BEDs we want,       But not a good SLEEP.
We can buy the best MEDICAL service,     But not our HEALTH.
We can buy our STATUS in the world,       But not the RESPECT.
We can buy FRIENDS.                               But not FRIENDSHIP.
We can buy SEX.                                        But not LOVE.

Daddy once told me,
Those things you can't bought with money, is the things that people really needed and really owned.

Oh and share a real joke that happened to me today.
I boarded my plane and found my seat.
Then the lady sat beside me in the plane asked me,:"where are you flying to?"... =.=
I was like, is the plane fly with Two different directions?


  1. I love what u wrote on what money can't buy. Dun regret on d money that u hv spent. After all, thanks God that u had arrive back in Sibu safe and sound isn't it? U can juz make it a lesson so that next time u will be more aware on how to spend d money =) and I love to travel alone too, its a gud time for us to reflect ourselves ^^

  2. =)..eve you always know how to comfort my disappointment...hehe..yea, i thanked Him..hehe...
    and I agree with wat you said about traveling along. It really helps me a lot.