Thursday, May 13, 2010


My nose is very sensitive...very very VERY SENSITIVE!!!!!! Not that I hate people who smoke. I don't even care how much cigarrate you had, as long as you KEEP THOSE SMELL OFF FROM ME~~~!!!!!
Ugh...don't you know that smoking in a closed environment is INCORRECT???? HUH!!!??? don't you know don't you knoDON"T YOU KNOW!!!!????? aRRRR..and she smoke in an AIRCON room somemore!!!! hate you hate you hate you.don't spoil my health please~~I don't want to die by inhaling your exhaled breath~~I don't want to be a Second-hand smoker!!! If you want to smoke please go OUT from the room and close the door TIGHT!!! poor lungs....and my nose....T.T
and I seriously encouraging those who smoke, please don't smoke...and those who smoke, please stop smoking....

Let's see the effect of SMOKING

And the ingredients in it..
 Tats not the only ingredientss in it..according to the report, one cigarrate contains 4 thousands chemicals...



Lunch breaks...hehe...Ciao~

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