Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well, this week was rather bored. I watched 3 movies within 1 week.
* Prince of Persia is GOOD. I like Jake. A LOT!!! He is NAaicee~~hiak hiak.
*Kidnapper is WOwww~~The storyline was GREAT!! So many times I couldn't bare to watch it. Its too, too sad. How could somebody do this kinda things to a KID. Yaiks. If I'm capable enough, I'll surely tear those people down. 
*Robin Hood is rather bored if compared. But good too.Its not as bad as ppl said.

And oh yeah, I quit my job today. Haha.
Thinking to rest.
And after having my working experience, I can say that I love studying more.
Although there were no income when I am studying,and there are much more pressure,  but I can enjoy my sweet life even better.
Working is like, boring.
You will get very excited at first, but after sometimes, You will find that it's boring.
You are just repeating what you did. And keep repeating. BORED.
The best thing is---- I can finally sleep as long as I want. and have my leisure time at home, with my bed, my TV, my books, my teatime...oh and yes, the most important, my PC.

and I have been thinking something over and over again.
Sometimes I just regret for what I've done.
=( but I know I can't return the time that had past.

Once one said,
If someone betrays you once, it's his fault.
If he betrays you twice, it's your fault.
So I think its my fault then.
I'm too stupid to let you have the opportunity to hurt me again.

That's the reason why we shouldn't be so kind. Gonna learn to be COLD-BLOOD from now on.

Share a song with you all.
A song that I'm addicted with recently.

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