Thursday, July 8, 2010


I went to a clinic as a "learning nurse". Just looking around though. But I learned A LOT~!!!
I mean really LOTSSS~!!
Well, photos speaks.
I remember I took this photo on the 2nd day. I can tell that I'm really LOVING IT.

Guess what..I entered the OT room. Am really over the moon when I've been told I can. ^^

and this is MEEeee

The first OT I watched was the Removal of Ovary. Its really really interesting. But what I really learned was, I need to cut down my fat. That was after I saw how thick human's fat could be. And I don't want to be like that.

so this is the ovary which had been removed.

And there's another removal of ovary. This one even bigger.
There were sarcoma in the ovary and the ovary turn up to be like...
Its huge right?? I can tell that the patient loss a few kg after she removed this.

Oh and there's another one. I don' know what it called in english but its "Shui Liu" in chinese.
This shui liu is growing in the gal tummy and its getting HUGE. Its 1kg ++

See..Its big right?? Most of the water was suck out so it turn out to be smaller than the original one.
There are two in her tummy.This is the first one.
and the small one above is the second one. Its cute an egg.

The second Big experience for me was...
-------> I observed the whole process of Baby Delivery...WOOTSSss

So this is the first baby I saw...I mean the first baby I watched her came to this new world...And is a She~~
A cuteee baby GIRL~!!!

Her name is Nicole.....A beautiful name indeed....Have a look at her...isn't she adorable??

 so this is the Placenta that we've been taught in school..

Oh and this is the tool that helps to sucks the baby out when the mother is weak and have no energy.

the other side of the placenta.

and this is when the umbilical chord was cut.

Well the process was BLOODY...~~~ Blood was everywhere..
.sigh...Mum have to suffer a lot just to get us born. 

and  this is her parents...Her daddy recorded the whole process of how Nicole was born...Its a good present for her when she grew up.

and this is the MUM....Being a Mother is Great...I'm impressed by the mother..I knew giving birth to a baby hurts...a lot...but they did matter how hard it is...When I saw the baby came out from the womb, I nearly cried...Its very touching..I don't know why...I thought of my mum when I came out from the delivery room. I was told that I was a late born baby. My mum suffered for two days in the hospital. And she is so great. I always say thank you to her on my birthday. Really grateful that she gave birth for me. coz from the experience in the hospital, I learned that many parents nowadays are IRRESPONSIBLE..I was so mad at a couple. The man wanted to abort his own flesh. If only I can punch him for touching his girlfriend before they are married. and many underage girls came in want to abort their baby. Its Sad and Pathetic. What on earth is happening...
I was like..Why do you did that?? Why do you wanna to have sex before marriage and why do you want to kill your own baby after you've done your mistake...
GIRLS!!!! Plz wake up....please do love urself more. I really feel sad when I listened to their sad story..they either being cheated by their so-called "Boyfriend"and"Lover" or they are underage so they need to take away the baby..

Well, I really feel unsecured after so many things like this happening around me.
Man cheat easily. And woman get cheated easily.

Does Marriage still exist?? Yes it does. just not many marriage is success nowadays.
Does Love still exist?? People nowadays treat Sex as Love.
If you loved me, you will have sex with me. Thats what pop now.and many young gals fell for it. Giving their most precious gift to the one who could hurt them most..

The doctor I followed---Dr, John told me..
A man that TRUELY loved you, won't put you in a dangerous situation. Both physically and mentally.
He told me to find a man who love me so much that he won't request to have sex with me before marriage.Because having sex before marriage is incorrect and it will bring lots of problem.
And I totally agree with him.
Despite what the world taught nowadays, I will still stand firm on this. love yourself more girls...
Treasure yourself so that you will be Treasured..
Love yourself so that you will be loved.
Wish all the best for all the true-loved couples... Be glad that you can met each other....
I was thinking, what if I never met Him.... >.<

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  1. Oh my goodness~!!! I felt nausea seeing those photos with blood~!!!!