Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Finally I arrived. Weird feelings were all around me.*** and well my frens have been complaining about my late updated. So kinda have to drop a  few words here.

I really want to thank God for giving me a lot of "little angles" around me. I'm really a blessed girl.
People who knew me well might know that I'm not really good at expressing myself in front of people.
but I really Thank You for what u have did..Really. and u know who u are.do keep in mind that I will always remember you.

I mean I never thought that I will be blessed with so many things. Kinda touch and scared.
Really scared. The more I get, the more I will need to pay. but I know I will never finish paying back because God's mercy is unpredictable and its never ending.

Ok.thats all. will upload some interesting photos when I get my own laptop. and share more about my past few weeks experience~~Its AWESOME~!!!


  1. scroll down to the bottom of my page, i mean blog, there are a few words from a pastor, and that's wat im keep holding for 2 years dy =)

  2. 其实,神在你的周围预备了许多"天使",在你感到困惑的时候给你开解。只要我们不要以为神一定会如我们所预料般行事,生活会好过很多。还有,你知道吗?做别人的天使,比接受别的天使的服事更让人兴奋。真希望你也能成为多人的天使。-蔡颂辉传道
    This one?? Really nice.