Sunday, October 17, 2010


我  错过了好多。真的好多。而且是我自己放的手。
所以,后悔 也没用。但是 还是要感恩。我决定 不要再错过了。
 ><  hmm share a song with you all.

If you wanna change the world. You need to start from yourself.
YES!! So im gonaa start changing myself FIRST!!! starting with the man in the mirror!! ME.

Micheal Jackson--Man in the Mirror.  *but this is James Morrison version. like this soft version more. ^^

hehe and my lee hom de version.. ><


  1. wana ask, how to insert video into our blog? I mean video from youtube..

  2. in youtube, got "share" just below the video. just click share then click blogger one. then copy the html.