Saturday, October 16, 2010


is short. and unpredictable.
just a few hours before, while i was getting ready to my youth, i received a shocking news.
A girl died. I know there are thousand of ppl died today. But this girl is special.
We  used to have our English tuition together. She is really a nice sister.
She sang really WELL. angelic voice. and she is tender yet active and out-going.
I just couldn't imagine her gone. She went away because of asthma, alone in her hostel.
Its really sad. I think her parents were sadder.

And its kinda dilemma for me coz in this very night, one of my frens and the fellowship is celebrating their birthday.
I cant' show my sad face to them. It will spoiled their mood. but i was really out of my mind.
I laughed crazily tonight. =) while others thought I was happy I was actually blurred.

Life is short. You never know when, how and who will go.
Cherish your life and the time we had to save more soul.
Luckily Rebekah believes Jesus and I am pretty sure they are having their reunion now in heaven.

1 comment:

  1. i'm sorry to hear that...

    May your friend rest in peace..

    you did very well yday night and didn't show a sad face at all...
    I wouldn't know that you were feeling sad yesterday night till i read this blog, dear...

    forget about the past, live in present, worry less about future...

    You'll be more happy :)

    Nice knowing you, dear...