Thursday, October 14, 2010


There's number of frens in FB are "in a relationship with...." recently.
I was wondering If. I mean IF, you guys are just playing around. No offense.
I know there are real relationship among those number. Ok just exclude them then.
Im saying those KID's minded. OMGosh. I was shocked by a girl. Really.
How on earth could you??!! You are changing your mates over and over again just to get advantages.
Or just want to have new mate after broking with your ex.
You are not kids or young anymore. Couldn't you be more mature while dealing with it?
Im not saying like im matured enough. But i knw that True Love Waits.
and hurting someone who used to be intimated with you is NOT GOOD AT ALL!
You are just digging your own grave if you continue what you are doing now.
Wake up please.

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