Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I know I shouldn't went back home earlier. I know I should have stay and make up my promise.
I know that was irresponsible and somethings gonna change.
But ....I don't know, I just simply have no mood.
Duhh....I know emotion cannot get between Lord and me. But....duhh...
Maybe the temptation is way too stronger than I thought.

Heavenly Father please forgive me for not attending the practice.
and for not reading your word everyday as I should have. and for not whispering to you for so long.
and for ignoring what You said to me. and for being such a lazy bug. and for being a coward. and for being not attentive. for not being hardworking. for not managing my time and money well. for being rude. for being not initiative. for the wrong things i may have said. and everything that hated by You. Im sorry Lord. Forgive me.and draw me out of temptation....

Goodnight...or Goodmorning....

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