Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Over the MOON~!!!! on the cloud 9!!!!

I just cant believe it!!!! just an hour before, my university's "lost and found" counter called me up when I was taking my evening nap and told me that my purse was found. I was like O.o my purse??? then i went to my bag and checked..OMG  my purse really lost...and guess what??
I Lost my purse unnoticed and Found it unexpected!!!!hahaha,
really Thanks God for giving back my purse. and a big THANK YOU to the one who found it!!!really thank you!!!! and the counter uncle told me he don't know who found it. I just want to thank you..really appreciate your honesty. May God Bless You always.

hehe my lost and found purse.. >.< thank you  ^0^


  1. it's normal when people lost their purse but it's not normal when someone DIDN'T realize that they had actually lost their purse and only realized that when others found them.. haha.. can become a joke oo.. =D haha

  2. lol eve i really suprised you know? haha.
    hey dun make me your joke. haha.sad neh.